Japanese - Lesson 4 - Dialog for Easy Verbal Tenses

Created by pandali

These are phrases from a dialog to practice the easy verbal forms from the previous lesson.

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Do you eat fish? Sakana o tabemasu ka?
  2. Yes, I eat. Hai, tabemasu.
  3. No, I do not eat. Iie, tabemasen.
  4. Did you drink yesterday? Kinō nomimashita ka?
  5. Yes, I drank. Hai, nomimashita.
  6. Did you also drink water? Mizu mo nomimashita ka?
  7. No, I didn't drink. Iie, nomimasen deshita.
  8. Did you drink orange juice yesterday? Kinō orenji-jūsu nomimashita ka?
  9. Did you eat yesterday? Kinō tabemashita ka?

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