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Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. A ____ thinking puzzle is sometimes known as a situational or yes/no puzzle lateral (wrong answers: 1)
  2. Japanese logic puzzle where each digit can appear only once per row, column, and square sudoku (wrong answers: 1)
  3. Crossword puzzle author for the New York Times, and Puzzlemaster on NPR Will Shortz (wrong answers: 1)
  4. John Spilsbury is credited for commercializing this kind of puzzle, involving interlocking pieces jigsaw (wrong answers: 1)
  5. Like cracking enemy codes? You might like this kind of puzzle cipher (wrong answers: 1)
  6. Like a numerical crossword, where the digits in each cell must sum up to the clue kakuro (wrong answers: 1)
  7. A dissection puzzle involving seven pieces that you can rearrange into shapes tangram (wrong answers: 1)
  8. The Seven ____ of Königsberg was proven to have no solution by Euler, laying the foundations for graph theory Bridges (wrong answers: 1)

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