Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Who was "In the beginning?" The Word (vs1) (wrong answers: Moses , Adam, Elijah)
  2. Who was the Word? God (vs 1) (wrong answers: David, Moses, Abraham)
  3. According to John chapter 1, who came as a witness to testify so that all men might believe? John The Baptist (vs 6-7)
  4. What was given to those who believed in his name? The right to become children of God (vs 12) (wrong answers: Power to do miracles, All the land, A gold crown)
  5. What came down from heaven and remained on Jesus, letting John know who he was? The Spirit (v32)
  6. What did John's disciples call Jesus? Rabbi (vs. 38)
  7. Where did Jesus say he had seen Nathanael? Under a fig tree (vs. 48)

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