Boy in the striped pyjamas quiz

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What was the maids name? Maria (wrong answers: Elsa , Gretel, Matilda, Mary)
  2. what year was the book published? 2006 (wrong answers: 1994, 1885, 2015, 2000)
  3. What was Ralf's new job promotion? Commandant (wrong answers: soldier, Maid, Baker)
  4. When was John Boyne born? 30 April 1971 (wrong answers: 15 January 1932, 30 April 1976, 11 June 1882, 4 December 1874)
  5. What is Bruno's sisters name Gretel
  6. who of the 3 are not Bruno's best friends jack (wrong answers: Martin, Daniel, Karl)
  7. where is the author born Dublin Ireland (wrong answers: Manchester UK, Texas USA, New York USA)

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