Brain Development

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What disease can mothers pass to their children through breast milk and or the womb? HIV (wrong answers: Cancer, Meningitis , All of the Above)
  2. What increases the risks of SIDS? Smoking (wrong answers: Drinking, Caffiene, Cocaine, Weed)
  3. Maturational processes can be disrupted by what? All of the Above (wrong answers: Caffine, Alchohol , Stress)
  4. Alcohol can damage eggs even before fertilization. True (wrong answers: False)
  5. Only Vodka causes fetal alcohol syndrome. All alcohol (wrong answers: only Vodka, Only scotch, only weed)
  6. Stress can cause. Lack of blood flow to the fetus. (wrong answers: Headaches., SIDS, None of the Above.)

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