Spelling Quiz

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Maske - Something you wear on you face. Mask (wrong answers: Maaske, Masc, Masck)
  2. Trac - Something you run on. Track (wrong answers: Trek, Trak, Trake)
  3. Stampe - Something you press on to paper. Stamp (wrong answers: Staam, Steamp, Stam)
  4. Stag - Something you would perform on. Stage (wrong answers: Steage, Staig, Sage)
  5. Greda - Something you receive for school work that you might have done. Grade (wrong answers: Grad, Graad, Graid)
  6. Thay - A group of people. They (wrong answers: Thei, Theye, Thiye)
  7. Batsh Batch (wrong answers: Bash, Baitch, Batche)

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