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  1. is Coleslaw considered a side for Chicken Tenders, Fish and Chips, Prawn and Chips, or Ribs no. Fries are the side. Coleslaw is an added accompaniment. cannot be substituted.
  2. What are the side options for entrees that do not have an upcharge Mash, Fries, Brussels, Coleslaw
  3. Can I use my employee discount on Happy Hour food no. it cannot be used for kids food either.
  4. What is our current rotating tap list Portland Cider Co Pineapple Strawberry, Oakshire Amber, Fort George Power Cycle IPA, Ecliptic Phaser Hazy IPA, Occidental Kolsch, 10 Bar Pilsner, Sunriver CocoaCow Stout, Balebreaker Topcutter IPA
  5. What is our current fresh catch menu columbia river steelhead, columbia river king salmon, wild caught swordfish
  6. What topping add ons are available for steaks prawns, mushrooms, grilled onions, blue cheese crumbles, whiskey peppercorn sauce, scampi prawns
  7. What consists of a perfect ticket beverage, appetizer, entree, dessert

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