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  1. How are sharks different from most fish? They have rough skin. (wrong answers: They live in oceans. , They come to the surface to breathe.)
  2. A shark can sense movement in water. How does this help a shark? It can find fish easily. (wrong answers: It can stay away from people. , It can swim faster. )
  3. Why is losing a tooth not a problem for a shark? When a shark losses a tooth, another tooth takes its place. (wrong answers: Sharks don't get old enough to lose teeth. , Shark teeth never fall out. )
  4. What is the main idea of this book? Sharks are an interesting kind of fish. (wrong answers: Sharks eat many kinds of fish. , Sharks live in some oceans. )
  5. What is cartilage? The tissue that makes up the sharks skeleton. (wrong answers: A type of plant sharks eat. , A type of fish that sharks eat. )
  6. How do sharks use different parts of their bodies to survive?

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