Perioperative Environmental Cleaning Basics

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. What Perioperative areas are high risk procedure areas? OR (wrong answers: Interventional Radiology, Drs Office, Sterile Processing , L&D)
  2. HCAI stands for : Healthcare associated infection (wrong answers: Healthcare acuired immunity , Health Care Act international , Here comes Anesthesia interventionalist, Healthcare Administrative Information )
  3. Perioperative settings include: unrestricted (wrong answers: semirestricted, Clinics , staff lounge , restricted )
  4. Restricted areas require: face coverings as well as semi restricted attire
  5. Cleaning should be done in a methodical manner & include cleaning from: clean to dirty areas (wrong answers: dirty to clean areas, high to low areas, wiping in a clockwise or counter clockwise pattern , from wheel caster up)
  6. All cleaning cloths should be Microfiber/lent free
  7. 4 cleaning categories include: First case damp dusting (wrong answers: Between case/turn over, Durning Case, Terminal clean, Scheduled cleaning )

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