vocalbulary word quiz 17

Created by joan eley

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. an item that you will have after a meal desert (wrong answers: sugar, water, dessert, chicken)
  2. an examination requiring a demonstration practical (wrong answers: letters, national, military , goverment)
  3. a out worn during a particular occasion costume (wrong answers: communist, humane, military, communist)
  4. a rectangle with four sides square (wrong answers: communist, oval, prism, humane)
  5. mark by compassion or sympathy for animals humane (wrong answers: intruder, national, communist, costumes)
  6. a direct or persoanl written or printed message letter (wrong answers: humane, messenger, dictionary, sent mail)
  7. relating to soldiers military (wrong answers: army, square, orientation, communist)
  8. one held to engage in revolutionary activites communist (wrong answers: goernment, military, president, vice president)
  9. belonging to or maintained by the government national (wrong answers: governor, senator, principal, officer)
  10. a usually general or lasting direction of thought orientation (wrong answers: square, national, communist, humane)

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