Nanny’s 60h Birthday

Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Where was Nanny born? Kampala (wrong answers: India , Guildford , Leicester )
  2. What is Nannys star sign? Gemini (wrong answers: Saggitarius, Capricorn , Virgo )
  3. Which City has nanny lived in the longest? Guildford (wrong answers: Uxbridge , Northolt , Leicester )
  4. Which animal is Nanny scare of most? Cat (wrong answers: Hamster , Dog, Fish )
  5. What is nannys favourite food cuisine? Indian (wrong answers: Italian , Thai , Chinese)
  6. What is Nannys favourite Disney movie? Beauty and the Beast (wrong answers: Moana , Cinderella , Little Mermaid )
  7. How siblings does nanny have? 4 (wrong answers: 10, 12, 3)

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