Mammals Quiz

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Question or Hint Answer or Word
  1. Mammal with armor plates, whose name sounds a little like "mandolin" pangolin
  2. This nourishing liquid is one of the differentiating characteristics of mammals, and can be found at a grocery store milk
  3. Largest mammal in the world (still alive) blue whale
  4. Marsupial mammal found in North America, likes to play dead opossum
  5. This mammal roars, lives mostly in Africa and Asia, is called "king", and has a mane lion
  6. This mammal walks on two feet, has a large brain, and can be found on all 7 continents human
  7. This group of mammals includes beavers, squirrels, mice, and capybaras rodents
  8. This group of mammals includes gorillas, apes, monkeys, and lemurs primates
  9. This marsupial mammal hops on two feet and is a national symbol of Australia kangaroo
  10. This mammal is the only one capable of true, sustained flight bat
  11. Living near the North Pole, this mammal with flippers has long tusks walrus
  12. This mammal lays eggs, has a beak like a duck, and is venomous platypus

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