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  1. How is igneous rock formed? Igoneous rock is formed when molten rock cools down
  2. name one effect on plate collision. mountian range created by sedimentary rocks forced upwards.or plates move together oceanic plate is forced under continental plate.or magma rising up through continental crust.
  3. name two examples of an aggregate. limestome or marble or granite
  4. write down the word equation for calcium carbonate when heated. calcium carbonate - calcium oxide+carbon dioxide
  5. what is an alloy? an alloy is a mixture of metal with another element (usually another metal).
  6. rusting is an example of an oxidisation reaction.This is a reaction where oxygen is added to a substance to make an oxide.oxygen is added to the iron in the presence of water.write down the word equation for this. Iron+oxygen=water-hydrated iron(III)oxide
  7. list as many materials in a car as you can. nylon,glass,copper,aluminium,steel,plastic.

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