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Pop music, from the early 20th century to today. The Beatles and Bee Gees. Bennie and the Jets to Beat It. Glen Miller, Elvis, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. Ella Fitzgerald, Elton John, and LMFAO. Adele, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Blood, Sweat, & Tears, Johnny Cash, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. They're all here!

[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

  • African American Negro Spirituals (7 words)
    Example: What time period did African American/Negro Spirituals begin?: [m] 17th Centurty, What were slaves stripped of that would inspire spirituals?: [m] Their identity, What bible character did slaves relate to the most?: [m] Moses, Who published the first major collection of spirituals called "Slave Songs of The US" in 1867?: [m] 3 White Abolitionists
    Created by frederickphilpjr - 2019-01-10
  • Music Topics in year 8 (8 words)
    Example: How did Blues evolve?: [m] American jazz --- Blues --- Rock and Roll --- Pop, What does the Blues have to include?: [m] Blues scale, Improvisation, 12 bar blues, Walking Bass., What are the three main instruments used in jazz?: [m] Bass, Vocal and Trumpet., In Latin Americal music name three out of the main four instruments.: [m] Bombo, Quena, Zamponas and the Charango.
    Created 2018-05-12
  • Top Artists of 2015 (10 words)
    Example: He battles with OCD & worked at a bar, scrubbing toilets: [m] Sam Smith , never been given a formal interview & dropped out of high school at the age of 17: [m] The Weeknd, I'm 6-foot-2, As a kid, I always needed to have my ears rubbed to fall asleep: [m] Wiz Khalifa , signed by Kanye West & : [m] He was raised in Detroit
    Created 2015-07-28

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