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  • Dracula (7 words)
    Scary Stories
    Example: Vampire, Stake, Crucifix, Holy Water
    Created 2016-06-14
  • give up its word puzzle (6 words)
    Example: beyblade , cosmic pegasus, fantom orion, jupiter
    Created by adithya - 2015-07-01
  • Josh Hutcherson roles in film and TV (13 words)
    From Peeta Mellark to Walter to Van-El, Josh Hutcherson has starred in quite a number of movies and TV shows.
    Example: Zathura, Detention, TheHungerGames, MiricalDogs
    Created 2012-09-13
  • Ralph Fiennes Trivia Word Search Puzzle (10 words)
    Are you a fan of the actor Ralph Fiennes? Test your knowledge with this trivia quiz word find puzzle.
    Example: In the movie The ____ _____, Ralph Fiennes was considered for the lead role, but Colin Firth got the part: Kings Speech, Ralph Fiennes was the first to win a Tony Award for playing _____ on Broadway in 1995: Hamlet, Ralph Fiennes's full name is Ralph Nathaniel _____-Wykeham-Fiennes: Twisleton, Ralph Fiennes is the 8th cousin of Prince _____: Charles
    Created by bryanilee - 2012-07-20

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