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Comic books, Japanese manga, superheroes, and good ol' Charlie Brown. This is the category for everything related to comics and graphic novels.

[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

  • Skeleton Quiz (4 words)
    Choose the correct answers
    Example: Which part of the skeleton protects brain?: [m] skull, Which part of the skeleton protects heart and lungs?: [m] ribs, Which of these choices is FALSE?: [m] The skeleton do not allow you to move., Animals with spine are...: [m] vertebrate
    Created 2021-03-19
    Category: Culture -> Comics
  • How well do you know Thea? (6 words)
    Example: What’s her favourite fast food chain ? : [m] McDonald’s , What’s her favourite colour ?: [m] Pink & blue , What’s the nickname that her family calls her? : [m] TK, Who does she fangirl over ? : [m] Justin Bieber
    Created 2021-03-15
    Category: Culture -> Comics
  • The Adventures of Buster Bear (4 words)
    Chapter 3 Quiz
    Example: How did Buster Bear catch fish?: [m] He quietly sat on the shore until the fish came near. Then he swiped them with his quick paw., What did the fish think Buster Bear was?: [m] A tree stump, What did Buster Bear find at the third pool?: [m] muddy water, Who did Buster Bear blame for the muddy water?: [m] Little Joe Otter
    Created 2021-03-11
    Category: Culture -> Comics
  • Peanuts Trivia (14 words)
    The cartoon strip by Charles M. Schulz - Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty, and the rest of the gang
    Example: 1: [m] Grief, 1: [m] Peppermint, 1: [m] Snoopy, 1: [m] Woodstock
    Created 2015-09-29
    Category: Culture -> Comics

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