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This category pertains to the Earth's atmosphere, meterology, weather, clouds, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and anything else related to weather.

[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

    Example: The remains or traces of a plant or animal that lived long ago is a : [m] fossil, An event that results in the dying off many species is called: [m] mass extinction, Scientist who study fossils : [m] paleontologist, Is an energy-rich resource formed from burried remains of once-living organisms.: [m] fossil fuels
    Created by Mukata - 2024-01-09
  • The Water Cycle (7 words)
    Example: Where does the energy for the water cycle come from?: [m] The Sun, Which of the following is NOT a way that water moves from the land to the atmosphere?: [m] precipitation, Rain, snow, hail and sleet are all examples of which stage of the water cycle?: [m] precipitation, On a mountain in the spring, snow melts and trickles into a creek. In turn, the creek flows into a river, which eventually reaches the ocean. Of which part of the water cycle is this an example?: [m] run-off
    Created 2018-03-28

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