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For those who like puzzles & games, brain teasers & optical illusions, sudokus, kenkens, crosswords, and word scrambles...

[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

  • morning routine quiz (7 words)
    Example: I wake up: [m] 1, I get up: [m] 1, I have a shower: [m] 1, I get dressed: [m] 1
    Created 2017-11-21
  • Puzzling (8 words)
    Example: A ____ thinking puzzle is sometimes known as a situational or yes/no puzzle: [m] lateral, Japanese logic puzzle where each digit can appear only once per row, column, and square: [m] sudoku, Crossword puzzle author for the New York Times, and Puzzlemaster on NPR: [m] Will Shortz, John Spilsbury is credited for commercializing this kind of puzzle, involving interlocking pieces: [m] jigsaw
    Created 2017-10-24
  • Fifth Grade Parent test (8 words)
    Example: Where were you born?: [m] 1, Stomp your feet.: [m] 1, Draw a smiley face with fangs.: [m] 1, What is the capital of Kansas?: [m] 1
    Created 2014-08-12
  • Channel Tunnel Facts (7 words)
    Example: How much did it cost per vehicle to use the Channel Tunnel?: [m] 1, Why did the Channel Tunnel have to add more sercurity?: [m] 1, When was the Channel Tunnel open and how much did it cost?: [m] 1, What was the cost to build the Channel Tunnel and what was the original estmate cost for the Channel Tunnel: [m] 1
    Created 2014-01-13

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