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From the beginnings of television with the first scheduled broadcasts in the 1940s to cable TV and now to our world of HDTV and 3D televisions, this is the category for TV and TV shows, from soap operas to sci-fi, Addams Family to Zorro.

[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

  • Essential Telephone Skills Inventory (7 words)
    Example: All it takes to answer the effectively is a cheerful attitude; if you are upbeat, you do not need any special skills: TRUE or FALSE: FALSE, What important information should you state when answering the phone?: [m] ALL OF THE ABOVE, The #1 complaint of people making telephone calls is?: [m] BEING PUT ON HOLD, A caller who wanders off within a conversation should be allowed to wander: TRUE or FALSE: FALSE
    Created 2019-09-16
  • Basic (8 words)
    Example: TW' "voice tone" should always try to:: [m] authoritive, A good Active Listening ratio should be:: [m] 70/30, UPR should only be expressed if I agree with the callers view.: [m] No. UPR should be expressed at all times., Which of the following is NOT part of our Active Listening skills?: [m] Creative Grunting
    Created 2018-09-25
  • Modern Family Trivia (7 words)
    Example: What musical does Phil know all the dance moves to?: [m] High School Musical, What sport does Jay think Joe has a natural talent for?: [m] Golf, Who performs with Phil at Jay & Gloria's wedding anniversary?: [m] Gloria, What do Luke & Phil want to build in the backyard in season 9?: [m] Batting cage
    Created by bch4224 - 2018-02-16

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