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All things ecological go here. The study of the environment, the greening of the Earth, pollution & waste, global warming, greenhouse gases, and life on Earth.

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  • Composting (6 words)
    The basics of composing.
    Example: What is the definition of "decompostion"?: when organic materials breakdown and decay., What is the definition of "compost"?: 1.decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer. , What is the definition of "bacteria"?: Single celled organisms that feed on organic matter., What is the definition of "humus"?: the organic component of soil, formed by the decomposition of plants and other organic materials and later used to fertilize plants.
    Created 2016-04-27
  • Quiz Stars (7 words)
    Created By Team http://ngolekpermainan.wapka.mobi
    Example: 2u4gbCgs: v1GpWKPsukb, Zi93HwjeYU: Nokp1L1Vv17, OEhqB1vK: TkmL9yTpXX7N, bKqgCiYS2t: WBcrBwYY
    Created 2013-07-25
  • Threats of the rainforest (7 words)
    Never due yay
    Example: What is the biggest threat to a rainforest?: Man cutting the trees down (Acid rain), How many species become extinct every day in the world’s tropical rainforests? 1 or 12 or 35: 35, Traditional rainforest hunters use blow pipes and poison tipped darts. Where do they get the poison from? Frogs or Plants or Snakes: Frogs, Rainforests are often cut down to make room for farms to grow which of the following crops? Suger cane or Coffee or corn: Coffee
    Created 2013-01-15

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