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The category for Valentine's Day: of chocolate hearts, love, kisses, couples, and St. Valentine. Did you remember to give a gift to your loved one? How about a gift of a word search puzzle celebrating your time together!

[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

  • Holy Orders & Matrimony (7 words)
    Example: What is the sign of the sacrament of Holy Orders?: [m] Laying on hands by the Bishop., The three Grades of Holy Orders are:: [m] Bishop, Priest, Deacon, The two kinds of Deacons are:: [m] Transitional and Permanent, Who can be ordained?: [m] Only a baptized adult male.
    Created 2018-02-11
  • technology (7 words)
    Example: what do you use to make your hair straight : hair staighter, what do you put food in to keep it cool: Fridge, used to get hair off face legs ect and starts with R: Razor, how do you dry your hair: hair dryer
    Created 2017-07-18

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