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Sauces and herbs, spices and cooking utensils

[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

  • RUKKITAINAD (7 words)
    Example: Nimeta rukkijahu liigid: Rukki täisterajahu, rukki lihtjahu, rukki kroovjahu, rukkipüül, Kas rukkitainast segatakse: [m] kuni kõik komponendid on ühtlaseks segatud, Rukkitainast toodete kerkimiseks sobiv tempeartuur on: [m] 30 - 40 C, Rukkijahu sisalduse järgi nimetatakse rukkileivaks leiba, milles on rukkijahu: [m] 90% või rohkem% jahu kogusest
    Created 2021-01-26
    Category: Food -> Cooking
  • The Uncorrect Quiz (7 words)
    Joe isn't good at making quizzes, so every statement is incorrect in some way. You get 1 point for finding the part that is incorrect and 1 point for correcting it.
    Example: Test words for Test: Grammar, One two three for: Hebrew, Apple APlle: umbrella, Test words for Test:
    Created 2019-10-11
    Category: Food -> Cooking
  • Basil (5 words)
    Example: What time of year is basil grown?: grown year round, Name 2 signs of a good bunch of basil: bright green, strong structure, What are 2 signs of spoilage in basil....: black spots, slimy stems, Name a common way to use basil......: pesto,sauces, etc..
    Created 2018-12-13
    Category: Food -> Cooking
  • Do you know everything about shortbread? (7 words)
    Example: Name the three types of shortbreads: petticoat tails,fingers and rounds., Will it be softer when cooled or firmer?: firmer, which country did shortbread originate from: Scotland, Do you use plain flour or self raising flour: Plain flour
    Created 2015-10-31
    Category: Food -> Cooking

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