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Comic books, Japanese manga, superheroes, and good ol' Charlie Brown. This is the category for everything related to comics and graphic novels.

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  • WORD SEARCH (7 words)
    Created 2020-08-18
    Category: Culture -> Comics
  • Camilla German (7 words)
    Example: Budget, Support System, Counseling, Savings
    Created 2020-08-18
    Category: Culture -> Comics
  • Peanuts Trivia (14 words)
    The cartoon strip by Charles M. Schulz - Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty, and the rest of the gang
    Example: 1: [m] Grief, 1: [m] Peppermint, 1: [m] Snoopy, 1: [m] Woodstock
    Created 2012-09-04
    Category: Culture -> Comics
  • PEANUT (20 words)
    Example: 1: [m] PEANUTS, 1: [m] SNOOPY, 1: [m] LINUS, 1: [m] WOODSTOCK
    Created 2012-08-08
    Category: Culture -> Comics
  • Comic Book Superheroes (10 words)
    Example: Secret identity of Superman: _____ ____: Clark Kent, Wears a green glowing ring: Green Lantern, Shoots a web from his wrists: Spiderman, The Hulk is this color: green
    Created by carlita - 2012-07-25
    Category: Culture -> Comics
  • Peanuts trivia (12 words)
    How much do you know about Good Ol' Charlie Brown?
    Example: "Good ____" - a saying often uttered by Charlie Brown when something goes wrong: Grief, ____ Patty, a character who is a star athlete but often receives D- grades: Peppermint, ____ is Charlie Brown's black-and-white dog: Snoopy, _____, a bird who is often seen with Charlie Brown's dog: Woodstock
    Created by carlita - 2012-07-23
    Category: Culture -> Comics

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