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Visual art, graphics, sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, and more!

[m] indicates a multiple-choice question.

  • Leonardo da Vinci (6 words)
    Example: What year was da Vinci born?: [m] 1452, What field did da Vinci work in? (Select all that apply.): [m] Painting , What technique did da Vinci use for the Mona Lisa?: [m] Oil, Who is in The Last Supper?: Jesus and The Twelve Apostles
    Created 2019-08-30
    Category: Culture -> Art
  • Study Guide (7 words)
    Example: What is the difference between fats and oils? : their melting point, Where do Carbohydrates get their energy from? : They get it from glucose , Which other organic compounds can be used for energy? : carbohydrates, What are the main uses of proteins?: to build and repair tissues
    Created 2017-11-16
    Category: Culture -> Art

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