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Crustacean known for walking sideways crab
Its name means "100 feet" centipede
Insect known for swarms and making honey bee
Arachnid with a long tail and a stinger at the end scorpion
Insect whose larval from is a caterpillar, such as the monarch butterfly
A pillbug, like lobsters and shrimp, is this type of arthropod crustacean
A __ crab is not really a crab, and in fact not even a crustacean. Some are known for breeding in the Delaware Bay horseshoe
These arthropods are known for having six legs as adults insects
Arthropod known for spinning webs spider
This type of insect includes fireflies, scarabs, and ladybugs beetle
This insect often annoys campers by sucking blood and causing itchiness. It also spreads malaria, and is actually a type of fly. mosquito
Ticks, vinegarroons, and scorpions are this type of arthropod arachnid

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