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Word Search for Kids - Animals in the Zoo

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This animal is often called the "king of the jungle" - it is related to the housecat and often has a big mane. LION
This medium-sized animal with a raccoon-like tail and face eats bamboo leaves. It shares its name with a larger black-and-white bamboo-eating animal. RED PANDA
This large cat has stripes. A poet once said that it is "burning bright". TIGER
This large animal that lives in Asia and Africa can use its trunk similar to how we use our hands. ELEPHANT
This large mammal spends much of its time in the water and has a wide mouth. It lives in Africa and its name means "river horse". They like to graze on grass. HIPPOPOTAMUS
This tall mammal has spots and a very long neck to reach leaves on trees. GIRAFFE
You might see this creature in the "bug house" of the zoo. It has a stinger on its tail and is related to spiders. SCORPION
This largest primate is closely related to humans. It is native to Africa and lives in troops. GORILLA

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