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Ocean Floor Features

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that portion of the seafloor adjacent to the continents; icludes the continental rise, continental slope, and continental shelf continental margin
the gently sloping submerged portion of the continental margin, extending from the shoreline to the continental slope continental shelf
the steep gradient that leads to the deep-ocean floor and marks the seaward edge of the continental shelf continental slope
a seaward extension of a valley that was cut on the continental shelf during a time when sea level was lower; a caynon carved into the outer continental shelf, continental slope, and continental rise by turbidity currents submarine canyon
a down slope movement of dense, sediment-laden water created when sand and mud on the continental shelf and continental slope are dislodged and thrown into suspension turbidity current
the gently sloping surface at the base of the continental slope continental rise
area of the deep-ocean floor between the continental margin and the oceanic ridge ocean basin floor
very level area of the deep-ocean floor, usually lying at the foot of the continental rise abbysal plains
an isolated volcanic peak that rises at least 1,000 meter above the deep-ocean floor seamount
a continuous elevated zone on the floor of all the major ocean basins and varying in width from 1,000 to 4,000 kilometers; the rifts at the crests of ridges represent divergent plate boundaries mid-ocean ridge
the process by which plate tectonics produces new oceanic lithosphere at ocean ridges seafloor spreading

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