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Earthquakes Questions and Answers

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Point in the earth where an earthquake rupture begins. Hypocenter
An elastic wave generated by an impulse such as an earthquake or explosion. Seismic Wave
Large, thin, relatively rigid plates that move relative to one another on the outer surface of the earth. Tectonic Plates
Innermost part of the earth. Core
Fault that is likely to have another earthquake in the future. Active Fault
A number that characterizes the relative size of an earthquake. Magnitude
Outermost major layer of the earth. Crust
The zone of earthquakes surrounding the Pacific Ocean. Ring of Fire
A term used to describe a a sudden slip on a fault. Earthquake
Mathematical device used to compare the size of earthquakes. Richter Scale
An instrument to record and detect earthquakes. Seismograph
Number of times something happens in a certain period of time like the ground shaking up and down. Frequency
Follows the largest shock of an earthquake sequence. Aftershock
Point in the crust where a seismic rupture begins. Epicenter
An instrument that records the acceleration of the ground during an earthquake. Accelerograph
A fracture along which the blocks of crust on wither side have moved relative to one another. Fault
Sea wave of local or distant origin that results from large scale seafloor displacements associated with large earthquakes. Tsunami
Rock-deforming processes and resulting structures that occur over large sections of the lithosphere. Tectonic
A record written by a seismograph in response to ground motions such as explosion or earthquake. Seismograph
How fast a point on the ground is shaking as a result of an earthquake. Velocity

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