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Simple words for kids in the lower grades of elementary / lower school

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  • Match (5 words)
    Look and match!
    Example: The baker's is _____ the post office.: behind, The supermarket is _______ the baker's.: next to, The greengrocer's is _______ the hospital.: next to, The butcher's is ______ the hospital.: opposite
    Created 2022-12-07
  • Vocabulary (7 words)
    Example: on or to one side: aside, the way of life for a group of people: culture, equal and just for all sides: fair, asked to come: invited
    Created 2019-08-28
  • Vocabulary (4 words)
    Example: rfeaff: rrrefes, fffc: rrrrrr, fds: rrrrrr, fedefafeaf: rrrrrr
    Created 2019-08-28

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