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The teachings of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Quran.

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  • Islamic studies level 1 test (4 words)
    Example: Name 5 types of water you may use to clean yourselves with: Rain water, Well water, River water, Sea water, Water from a tank, name waht propher said ?: [m] the penaultiamte, WHAT SHOULD MUSLIMS BE CLEAN?: good, items to do tayamum with?: [m] clay
    Created 2018-12-05
    Category: Religion -> Islam
  • Quiz Sheet (30 words)
    Example: Why do geographers call Arabia a crossroads location?: Because it intersects with Africa, Asia, and Europe, What is a nomad?: A person that moves from place to place, Why was trade important to both townspeople and nomads in Arabia?: Towns people could get food and other items and the Nomads could trade, Arrange the following events from Muhammad's life in the proper order: Muhammad meditated in a cave outside of Mecca, Muhammad receives messages from God through an Angel, Muhammad began to tell people about the messages from God, & Muhammad taught that there was only one God
    Created 2016-11-02
    Category: Religion -> Islam
  • "Young Caliph Quiz" (7 words)
    Example: surah apakah yang tidak dimulakan dengan bismillah?: Taubah, namakan surah yang mempunyai 2 bismillah?: Naml, surah yang keberapa yang menceritakan tentang lebah?: enam belas, surah yang dikenali sebagai jantung Al-Quran: Yasin
    Created 2016-04-10
    Category: Religion -> Islam
  • Abu Hurairah (r) (5 words)
    Example: How did Abu Hurairah's mom come to Islam?: Because of the duaa of the prophet, What does Abu Hurairah mean?: The father of the kittens, What did Abu Hurairah do that was important?: Narrate many of the hadiths that we know today, What was Abu Hurairah's special talent?: His memory
    Created 2016-03-08
    Category: Religion -> Islam
  • pegham e karbla (7 words)
    Quiz, 26, 04, 2015
    Example: which surah is revealed two times?: fatiha, which is little surah in Quran ?: kausar, how many surahs in Quran ?: 114, how many surahs reveled in Makka?: 86
    Created 2015-04-26
    Category: Religion -> Islam

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