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  • Citizenship (4 words)
    Example: Name two national U.S. Holidays.: Independence Day, When do we celebrate Independence Day?: July 4, What is the name of the national anthem?: The Star-Spangled Banner, Why does the flag have 50 starts? : Because each start represents a state
    Created 2023-04-19
    Category: Culture -> General
  • CPG Articles (7 words)
    Example: What is Foundation/Basement article #? : Article 1 , What is Roofs article #? : Article 5 , What is Plumbing article #? : Article 6, What is Floor Framing article #? : Article 2
    Created 2022-10-19
    Category: Culture -> General
  • Subjects and Verbs that don't agree (7 words)
    Example: She__ making a cake.: Is. Are. , They__ decided to go for a bike ride. : Is. Are. , He__ taking a math quiz tomorrow, : Is. Are. , Ashley__ going to an amusement park. : Is. Are.
    Created by leandra123 - 2022-10-07
    Category: Culture -> General
  • Horticulture Careers (7 words)
    Example: Designs Outdoor spaces for homes, cities, and businesses. Trained in horticulture, urban planning, and architectural practices.: Landscape Architect, Brings beauty and delight to people. Designs and creates floral arrangements for many occasions.: Florist, On the cutting edge of tech! Navigates drones to manage and grow plants in fields and forests.: Drone Pilot, Grows food and other plants in the controlled atmosphere of a greenhouse- no need to battle the weather!: Greenhouse Grower
    Created 2021-10-13
    Category: Culture -> General
  • Black History Facts Quiz (7 words)
    Example: In 1920______ and _____ became the first black athletes to play in the NFL: Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall, _____ was the first black man to become a lawyer when he passed the bar in Ohio in 1854: John Mercer Langston, Who was arrested 9 months prior to Rosa Parks for not giving up her seat on the bus: Claudette Colvin, On April 5, 1947 ____ became the first African American to play in MLB when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers: Jackie Robinson
    Created 2021-02-24
    Category: Culture -> General
  • Motor City Pride (7 words)
    Example: % of homeless youth in the US identify as LGBT: 40%, Transgender employees face different challenges than you might in their everyday lives: Awareness, Support and listen to the LGBT employees in your office: Allyship, Challenge people to be inclusive in their thinking even when someone who’s LGBT may not be in the room: Advocacy
    Created 2019-06-06
    Category: Culture -> General
  • Quiz 2 UCSP (10 words)
    Aspects of Culture
    Example: There is no single tangible manifestation that can take the form of culture itself. : [m] Culture is abstract. , All cultures are driven by signs that stand for something. : [m] Culture is symbolic. , Culture is not homogeneous. Within a single society, different cultures may exist.: [m] Culture is shared. , Culture is not innate in a person.: [m] Culture is learned.
    Created 2018-07-19
    Category: Culture -> General

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