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Questions Answers
This artist was born Gordon Sumner Sting
In the original recording of "Carolina in My Mind", this famous musician played bass Paul McCartney
This singer was in the U.S. Popstars show: Nicole ____ Scherzinger
The Marvin Gaye song "What's Going On" was covered in 1986 by this New York female singer (last name) Lauper
The group known for "Sherry" had a hit song in 1975 about this month in 1963 December
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" features this Blind Faith guitarist Eric Clapton
The ______ Orchestra, a jazz group based in Portland, had its origins with a different style in the 1980's and was known for "I Can't Wait" Nu Shooz
"Hotel California" contains a lyric about knives - which band does it refer to? Steely Dan
Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas singer also starred in Kids ______ Incorporated
Eddie ______ played guitar in the Michael Jackson song "Beat It" Van Halen

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