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'80s Pop Music

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Questions Answers
This Material Girl had her first big hit in 1983 Madonna
This artist at one point started using an unpronounceable symbol as his name, and his band was known as the Revolution Prince
A Flock of ____ ran so far away Seagulls
Loverboy was lovin' every minute while working for the ____ weekend
_____ Richie's "All Night Long" was performed at the 1984 Summer Olympics Lionel
This family group was dancing to the rhythm of the night DeBarge
New Jersey group known for giving love a bad name and livin' on a prayer Bon Jovi
This 60's group had an old song hit the charts in 1986 from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" The Beatles
____, who's in control, is the little sister of Michael, known for thrilling us and rocking with us Janet
Cyndi ____ was running all through the night time after time Lauper
For Timbuk3, the future was so bright they had to wear ____ shades
For ___ _____, you got to roll with the punches so you might as well jump Jump
Released in October 1989, this song not really about paradise was Phil ____'s last hit of the 1980's Collins
Ric Ocasek was lead singer for this group, whose name is appropriate for their song "Drive" The Cars
Known for their synths, the band ____ Society in 1988 was wondering what was on our mind Information

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